Delfy Dumbbell Rack 3 shelves, storage for dumbbells of all weights, angled storage shelves, load capacity 300kg

Delfy Dumbbell Rack 3 shelves, storage for dumbbells of all weights, angled storage shelves, load capacity 300kg

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Why Choose Delfy 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack ?

Delfy focuses on offering quality . affordable and efficient product which make your workout life more simpler . more pleasant and more convenient. Our latest 3 tier dumbbell rack is the answer to your home gym weight storage. This weight rack serves some important purposes. You can get your home and garage gym organized with it and it also helps with safety because your dumbbells are out of the way and you will worry about tripping over them. 

Come on! Let's enjoy the comfort and pleasure of fitness training exercise now!


Product Features:

► 3 tier and tilted angled weight racks are for more storage and easy handling.

►Commercial heavy-duty steel provides lifetime use.

►The compact structure takes up a small space.

► Width adjustable design fits all different dumbbell sizes and styles.


Product Specifications:

►Weight Capacity: 660lbs

► Product Dimension: 35.5" x 19.7" x 36.6"

► Package Dimension: 38.58" x27.16" x 7.08"

► Gross Weight: 20KG


Package Content:

► 1 x Screw Pack

► 1 x Manual

► 1 x Dumbbell Rack

♥ One-year Warranty and Great Customer Service


uD83CuDFCBSuitable for all dumbbells: Each layer of the Dripex dumbbell frame is suitable for dumbbells and weights of different sizes. Each layer has 4 screw holes and 2 bar width adjusters. The distance between the bars can be adjusted from 5 cm to 13 cm. Hence . all of your dumbbells can be placed on it with confidence. Carrying 300 kg.

uD83CuDFCBSuper safety: The inclined tray makes it easier to take the dumbbells out and put them down . thus significantly reducing the risk of injury. The steel frame . the stable bearing rails and the triangular basic structure ensure the best stability.

uD83CuDFCBSave Space: Compared to other dumbbell stands . one of the main advantages of this compact dumbbell stand is that it can withstand a higher weight without taking up most of the space in the home gym. The three-layer design saves space while still offering enough capacity to hold the most frequently used weights on the floor.

uD83CuDFCBRobust and durable: The Dripex dumbbell frame is made of durable . standard steel with a long service life. And this weight frame is reinforced with a solid powder-coated surface. The rubber foot covers are non-slip and offer excellent stability so that they can be placed on different floors.

uD83CuDFCB2-year guarantee: Dripex dumbbell rack is an approved product. 2-year guarantee. If you run into any problems or need further assistance . please contact us directly via email.

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